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Maroon Calabash is a Black radical reproductive justice organization. Our members offer traditional support across the spectrum of reproductive experiences.



  • To contribute to strengthening Black communities in Wisconsin through radical reproductive justice;

  • To affirm the self-determining ability of Black families around sex, sexuality, gender, contraception, pregnancy, birth and parenting;

  • To engage reproductive justice as a collective work and responsibility of members of the Black community and the broader community;

  • To establish reproductive justice practices that cultivates economic power for Black communities;

  • To develop a collaborative strategy of radical reproductive justice that intersects with other anti-oppression movements;

  • To re-imagine new possibilities for Black families from beginning to beginning;

  • To reclaim African rituals, traditions, dignities, and joys through radical reproductive justice;

  • To hold healing, self-care, and family support as a sacred part of the radical reproductive justice process.



Getting Free