The Maroons





People who, after analyzing current systems of oppression, have declared their freedom through speaking out and organizing for collective liberation

Our name, Maroon Calabash, is a tribute to our African and Indigenous cultural roots. Queen Nanny of the Maroons is heralded as the woman who United Jamaicans amidst slavery to preserve African culture and knowledge. We honor her commitment to resisting cultural oppression by reclaiming African traditions in our birthing work. The Calabash is significant because it is one of the first crops mastered by African and Indigenous cultures. The Calabash is used and turned into a shekere to make music and open ceremonies. It is also carved out and used as bowl to serve others. The Calabash is a tribute to our work as we serve our communities. 


Our Leadership Team


Lyanne Jordan

Co-Director of Doula Programming

Tamara Thompson

Co-Director of Doula Programming
Director of Lactation Services
Certified Lactation Counselor
Student Midwife


Cami Thomas

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Maleisha Reedy

Certified Lactation Counselor


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