Meet Our Doulas

We use a community based doula model to connect doulas from our community with individuals seeking their support. We’re committed to non-judgemental full-spectrum reproductive care, meaning that no matter what you may be experiencing (trying to conceive, pregnancy, termination, loss, menstruation, and menopause) there is a doula to support you - whether it’s one of our doulas or someone that we can refer you to. We’re committed to helping you connect you to what you need to feel powerful, supported, and informed.



Mia Morse

I’m the owner of Blossoming Motherhood; a full spectrum doula and massage service. I ground my purpose on encouraging the innate abilities of motherhood as well as using education to improve the health disparities that surrounds the birthing process. Some of my services include birth coaching, breastfeeding guidance and prenatal massage.

Mia is a certified massage therapist in addition to a birth and postpartum doula and lactation consultant.


Tonia Davis

Hello, I’m Tonia and I have two successful sons, a sweet granddaughter, and wonderful god children. My journey as a doula working in the community started over five years ago when I attended the birth of my first godson. That day God’s gift to me was revealed. Since then I have been nurturing mothers during their pregnancy, labor and postpartum trimester as a Doula. I successfully completed Dona International approved Birth and Postpartum Doula training. As well as received my certification. Other areas of training include breastfeeding, childbirth education, massage, and being CPR Certified.

Having a child is such a precious moment of your life. It gives my heart peace and joy to assist a mother while she is giving birth her way. In addition, I am passionate about caring for your family when you return home with your sweet baby. My goal is to always provide educational resources, companionship, and non-judgmental support to you and the family. 


Marisa Hernandez-De Windt

Hello, I’m Marisa. I’m passionate about empowering Mothers to connect to themselves, and their bodies so they can have the best birth experience possible! I’m Bilingual- fluent in Spanish.  With a background in Massage and wellness I focuses on helping Mothers relax and reduce stress during pregnancy and birth.  I specialize in working with Mothers to help them attach and connect affectionately to their babies even when they have seen poor examples, “ teaching them to have confidence as a Mother - and that can look many ways, perfect is not one of them.”

I teach breathing techniques and practical tools to connect with the natural, amazing power of their bodies. I am supportive of whatever each Woman, including her partner or family, chooses whether or not it's no interventions, a Hospital Birth, Home Birth, or working with a Midwife.

Marisa received her training with International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) and DONA International.

I believe in making your pregnancy and birth experience one that reflects your  values individually, culturally, and spiritually—one that you can look back on with positive memories. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructor and offer Prenatal Massage options as well as Prenatal Fitness classes and I’m passionate about women accepting their bodies and feeling healthy during and after pregnancy; allowing them to mother in an authentic way. I have worked with women with Physical Trauma, Birth Trauma, Autism/ Sensory issues, prenatal and post-partum depression. I teach various workshop series for Mothers to learn to learn to connect as a new Mother, as well as new parent support groups on various topics.